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Starting new things: Graduating, finding a purpose, and taking it all in

Well… It’s June.

It’s really June! Every year I am always blown away by how fast time seems to be going as soon as we hit the June 1st mark. Half the year is already gone! Time really starts and it doesn’t stop, huh? 

Many new things have happened for me recently, the main event being that I finally graduated from university! It took me about five different cities, two countries, and many a “Change of Major” forms to receive my diploma, but I finally did it! 

I graduated with a Bachelors of Art in International Studies with a minor in Chinese. My International Studies concentrations focused on social and cultural issues throughout the world, but specifically within Asia and the Pacific Rim. Throughout all of my studies, but especially near the end, I became really interested in imaging the ways in which I could use what I was learning not only to elevate my own position in the world, but also to help people and communities around me. 

Halfway through my degree program, I entertained the notion of going to law school to be an international human rights lawyer, specifically for women and women led campaigns. It is still a career and life path that I entertain from time to time, but as I relish in finally being able to take a breather from college life, I realize that helping others in some way is one of my goals and passions in life in general. It finds its way into very much of what I do.

Helping others is one of the driving forces behind much of what I’ve done in recent years, from taking certain positions as an RA or student leader to what I have chosen as the underlying missions behind some of my businesses that I have launched and am in the process of launching. 

I seek to build community among people who are looking to unite with others under a common thread of humanity, a desire to broaden one’s horizons to meet and form bonds with those around us in a bid to make this big wide world a little bit smaller. I honestly don’t think I will find fulfillment or happiness in what I do if this mission is not at the core of what I do.

So with that, I am looking at various career opportunities in which I can enroll and participate. Graduating is crazy. I guess no one really prepares you for what that drop feels like once you finally cease being a student. It’s like the ground was under my feet on one step, and then the next, I am in free fall.

It’s scary, but at the same time, I can’t say I’m not enjoying it.

I realize that life is much more than what I was ever taught or raised it to be. I received an email the other day from a virtual Grad Fair and one of the articles in the email read, “From your dorm room to your cubicle: how to make the transition from college to your career,” or something to that effect and I… I immediately felt so dejected. So saddened. Like, is that all that life is? 

I may regret saying this in the next few months after I am reeling from not knowing where to go next, but I don’t want my life, career, or even my education to be a linear, easily mapped and traced sequence of mildly stimulating and prepackaged events. 

I want to find my own way even though I may stumble and fall and regret every decision that I made up until that point. I want a story, an adventure of some magnitude, to live a life and pursue a career that is built on constantly testing mettle, grit, and tenacity. There’s always risk so why not play big while you still have the chance?

With that being said, I’m delving into different certification processes for career paths and opportunities I’ve always wanted to pursue but always talked myself out of for fear of failure or not making the right choice.

Right choice, what is a right choice? There is no right choice. There is no right path, no right step, no right anything! And that fact is brilliant as much as it is terrifying but I love it! I am basking in this wonderful fear of not knowing where I’m going next, but being so excited to find out.

For all my fellow grads, I encourage you to take these next few days, weeks, or months to push yourself in ways that you never imagined you could before. Take it all in, cherish who you are and who you will be, and move forward with fear, excitement, and zeal for what comes next!

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